Recruiting Procedure

An international recruiting manpower employment licensed company by the name JOBS-LINK INTERNATIONAL (PVT.) LTD. In of the country Nepal, head office local in Kathmandu.

In past years our company JOBS-LINK INTERNATIONAL (PVT.) LTD have joint co-operation with other various overseas country licensed agencies worldwide, whom well is known in the human resources consultants of manpower planning industries.

Our company have provide serve to which is suitable to the needs and the wants for demand of our clients company's as foreign manpower employment licensed agency. JOBS-LINK INTERNATIONL (PVT.) LTD. Have develop an network link which assist your company manpower planning in recruitment human resource for various country in any kind categories manpower supply.

Because of the teams work with the agencies from the neighbors country as Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Unite Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, South Korea, Bahrain, Oman, Europe, United State of America, and other country.

To grown into another market worldwide JOBS-LINK INTERNATIONL (PVT.) LTD.have exchange idea and knowledge with many various country overseas manpower recruiter for new biggest international markets.

JOBS-LINK INTERNATIONL (PVT.) LTD. Is a authorized agent and carry out of the following activities in Nepal on behalf of the employers under the rules and regulations of the Department of Labour, NG of Nepal. On receipt of any authenticated vacancy demand from the overseas employer, we have to apply to the Director General of Labour for recruitment permission with the following documents :- 


1. Demand Letter
A copy of demand letter from the employer containing all details of the vacancy demand duly authenticated

2. Power Of Attorney :
A copy of power of attorney duly authenticated by the ministry of Foreign Affairs la Labour from the country of employer to act on their behalf.

3. Letter Of Guarantee :
A specimen copy of employment contract or service agreement mentioning wages offered and schedule of benefits including accommodation, food, medical facilities, leave etc.

4. Inter Party Recruitment Agreement :
A copy of Visa advice/entry permit/NOC etc.
  Note: above all these documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labour in the country of employment.

5. Employment Contract :

6. Application for Guarantee and Undertaking :


b. On receipt of recruitment permission we publish an advertisement in the local newspapers, radio and T.V. on hehalf of our company for mobilized application who are interested and qualified for overseas employment.

c. We take all measures through a recognized hospital or clinic to check and recommend for those workers only who is medically fit and capable to work in overseas.

d. We arrange all these personnel, ready of employment opportunity with their travel documents.

e. The employer or his representatives then carry out interview, trade testing, writing test and other necessary assistance and logistics as per demand letter requirement.

f. We arrange proper accommodation, transportation, security and other related facilities to the employer or his representative in Nepal.

g. A prior intimation by Telex/Fax will be sent to the employers in advance so as to enable them to receive the selected candidates at the Airport.