Why Us

Over the past years, an increasing number of employers especially from The Middle Eastern, South East Asian and African contries have shown interest in hiring Nepalese workers and many of them have shifted their attention concerning hiring of expatriate workers from a number of their original labor supply countries to Nepal. This change is due to various reasons, some of which are

  • They are hard working, honest, competent and most loyal to their employers and service.
  • They are energetic, self motivated and get success over the responsibilities, is their main ambition.
  • They are skillful on their trade with the high reputation.
  • They are flexible and adaptable according to the local situation and environment.
  • They are hospitable and cheerful in all situations.
  • All ex-Gurkha soldiers are trained under the rigid military discipline.
  • They are highly qualified and suitable for any security duties in all kinds of establishment they are capable of making decisions appreciating situations.